Education & Research

At GRAS our focus on education and research has paved the way for new world standards for measurement microphones – including the world’s most popular and probably most copied acoustic sensor: the 1/2′′ measurement microphone.

Our collaboration with universities and educational institutes worldwide, as well a significant involvement in various research projects, aims to help our partners find innovative approaches to measurements and achieve the best possible results.

In recent years we have been working closely with universities such as Brigham Young University in the United States. The result? A 3D Vector Probe Head with four 1/4” phase-matched measurement microphones arranged in an Ø30mm spherical shell, making it possible to make measurements in confined spaces that cannot be accessed with traditional intensity probes.

Regardless of the project, we are ready to help you identify the best possible solutions and guide you with our knowledge and world-class expertise.

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