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  Location: United States   /   Place: Austin, Texas

  Start: 20/5-2019   /    End: 23/5-2019

GRAS Sound & Vibration will be participating at the NI Week 2019 in Austin, Texas. 

Ed Okorn from GRAS NA and Olga Nikitina from GRAS HQ will be there to talk with you about your acoustical needs and solutions.


  Location: Germany   /   Place: Stuttgart

  Start: 21/5-2019   /    End: 23/5-2019

Do you want to discover our new NVH automotive microphones on display? Come by and meet us to learn more about them at booth #8466.

Here you will meet Wayne Liebich from GRAS HQ and Henrik Tippkemper from GRAS-Tippkempe...

  Location: Spain   /   Place: Madrid

  Start: 16/6-2019   /    End: 19/6-2019

Meet us at booth #7 where our technical and sales people will be ready to discuss your measurement challenges with you and find a solution for your application.

On display will be our newest microphones, the versatile NVH microph...

  Location: Germany   /   Place: Nürnberg

  Start: 25/6-2019   /    End: 27/6-2019

Visit our booth #1-517 where we will be showcasing our new NVH microphones, the versatile NVH microphone set 146AE as well as the rugged surface microphone 147AX and the X-rugged microphone set 147EB for brake noise testing.