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Founded in 1994 by Danish acoustics pioneer Gunnar Rasmussen, GRAS Sound & Vibration is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art measurement microphones and related equipment to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, consumer electronics, and other high-demanding industries.

Our measurement microphones are developed to support critical areas of R&D, QA and production and therefore must undergo the most thorough tests. Using a series of “Highly Accelerated Life Tests”, GRAS microphones are designed to live up to the high quality, durability and accuracy that our customers have come to expect and trust.

GRAS is represented through subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries.



GRAS Sound & Vibration UK Ltd was launched in July 2014 as the new UK subsidiary of GRAS Sound & Vibration A/S in Denmark, a world leading manufacturer of microphones. We set up GRAS UK to both help us to better serve our UK clients and as a key strategic element of our plan to increase UK market share.

In 2014, GRAS and their UK distributor, AcSoft Ltd., invested in a joint venture to form GRAS UK or, more officially, "GRAS Sound & Vibration UK Ltd.". GRAS UK further builds the international business of GRAS and runs alongside current ventures in the USA, China and Germany. This was a major step for GRAS to further increase market share in the UK. AcSoft traditionally worked in the Automotive and Aerospace marketplaces and having a dedicated sales facility allow GRAS to also focus on other industry sectors like environmental and laboratories.

For full acoustic system enquiries, please contact our system specialists.

At GRAS we pride ourselves in our worldwide reputation for product innovation. We understand the needs of our customers and strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market needs.

For enquiries and support on all GRAS products, please contact:

GRAS Sound & Vibration UK Ltd.
Building 115
Bedford Technology Park
Bedford MK44 2YA

Tel: 01234 639552 

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Paul Rubens
Managing Director


Paul has worked in the field of noise and vibration for many years and has extensive experience in the health, safety and environmental technology marketplaces across Europe, Asia and the Americas. He spent over ten years as Managing Director of one of the world's most successful monitoring instrumentation companies in this field.

He now specialises in helping businesses grow into exciting new areas and has a proven track record in setting up subsidiaries, helping European-based businesses expand internationally and American and Asian businesses grow within Europe.

Paul also has wide-ranging experience of working with the UK government, having led an environmental trade mission for UK trade and investment to Taiwan in 2007 and the first of a new series of trade missions to China initiated by the Prime Minister in 2008.

He holds an honours degree in physics, an HND in electronics and a diploma in mathematics.

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John Shelton
Technical Manager


John Shelton holds an Honours degree in Acoustical Engineering, and a Masters degree in Sound & Vibration Studies, from ISVR in Southampton.

After a short time developing loudspeakers at Goodmans, he joined Bruel & Kjaer UK as an area sales engineer. Over the nine years that followed, he specialised in sound intensity and source location techniques, as well as managing technical sales across the UK.

Two years at Brüel & Kjaer in Denmark gave him experience in VXI-based virtual instrumentation, and whetted his appetite for software measurement solutions, taking responsibility for worldwide sales & marketing.

John is an active member of the Institute of Acoustics, and sits on several national committees and working groups on measurement & instrumentation.

A keen racing dinghy sailor, John has won several National & European titles on the water, and is also a keen flat-earth audiophile.

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Emily Norman
Sales Manager


Emily comes from a strong background in sales and financial administration. As a young entrepreneur she realised the importance of relationships and support for customers and has continued to develop these skills. Key to her progression has been her understanding of the importance of both value for money and a customer’s return on investment.

Emily studied Psychology, Physics, English and Maths at college and has worked hard to develop her knowledge of acoustics and transducers in particular.

Emily previously worked in customer facing roles in both the retail and technical sector and has learnt to always put the customer first.

On a personal side Emily enjoys riding horses and has established herself locally as a recognised producer of quality horses and Weimaraner dogs.


When our R&D team develops a measurement microphone, it must undergo the most demanding tests to prove that it deserves to bear the GRAS name. Using a series of “Highly Accelerated Life Tests” we ensure that our microphones live up to the high quality and precision that our customers have come to expect and trust. Our HALT tests actively accelerate the lifetime of a microphone by simulating the handling and use it is exposed to in real life situations.
We bake it, we humidify it, we shake it and we even try to break it, just to make sure that you get the very best measurement results every time. Learn more about our microphone HALT testing here.

All our microphones are solely produced in stainless steel and in a quality that allows for a 5 year warranty. Should you by mistake damage the diaphragm on a GRAS microphone, our special technique enables repair at very reasonable price.

GRAS is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


GRAS is represented worldwide in more than 40 countries by subsidiaries and distributors. Whether you are searching for a multi-channel solution or just a replacement microphone for your sound level meter GRAS will help solve your needs.