G.R.A.S. RA0075 6cc Coupler

Volume: 6 cc
ANSI: S3.7
IEC: 60318-3

The G.R.A.S. RA0075 is a 6cc coupler. It is for testing earphones according to ANSI 3.7 - 1995 and IEC 60318-3.

It can be used with a 1" pressure microphone like G.R.A.S. 40EN, a 1/2" preamplifier like G.R.A.S. 26AK and various adapters, e.g. G.R.A.S. RA0073.

Connector type BNC
Coupler volume 6 ccm
Temperature range, operation °C / °F 0
Humidity range non condensing % RH 0 to 95
ANSI standard S3.7
IEC standard 60318-3 (former 60303)
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered Yes/Yes/Yes
Weight g / oz 380 / 13.40
G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.